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Guerilla Marketing



Step into the digital realm and discover the true potential of your business with Guerilla Haus. Let us guide you on a journey to unlock the secrets of your online success and watch as your business thrives in the digital landscape.


 Digital Media Dominance

  • Elevate Package: $699/month This package is designed to elevate your business and take it to the next level.

    • Basic social media management services such as content creation, scheduling, and basic analytics

    • Suitable for small businesses looking to improve their online presence

    • 2 pieces of original content (blog post or social media post) per week

    • Basic SEO optimization

    • Content distribution on business's social media platforms (including @thelowellconnector on Instagram)

  • Vortex Package: $1250/month This package will suck in customers and keep them coming back for more.​

    • Advanced SEO optimization

    • Content distribution on business's social media platforms (including @thelowellconnector on Instagram)

    • 1 piece of video content per month

    • Instagram account management (including Instagram story creation and engagement with followers)

    • Basic social media management services such as content creation, scheduling, and basic analytics

    • 4 pieces of original content (blog post or social media post) per week

  • Eclipse Package: $1799/month This package will eclipse the competition and make your business shine.

    • 6 pieces of original content (blog post or social media post) per week

    • Advanced SEO optimization

    • Content distribution on business's social media platforms (including @thelowellconnector on Instagram)

    • 2 pieces of video content per month

    • 1 piece of infographics per month

    • 1 piece of e-book/whitepaper per quarter

    • Instagram account management (including Instagram story creation and engagement with followers)

    • Instagram advertising campaign management

    • Designed for businesses looking to stand out from the competition and establish a strong online presence

  • Nirvana Package: $2500/month

    • All services from previous packages, plus additional services such as social media audit and in house consulting, analytics and reporting to your directly to your team.

    • Designed for businesses looking to achieve a state of perfect contentment and happiness in their social media presence

    • A truly customized approach.

    • Direct social media management and live implementation of guerilla strategy.



  1. Q&A session: A Q&A session is a simple, informal consultation that allows the client to ask questions and get answers from an expert. This type of consultation can be done via phone, email, or in-person, and is often used to clarify information or troubleshoot specific issues.

  2. Advice and recommendations: This type of consultation provides advice and recommendations based on the client's specific needs and goals. It can include a review of the client's current operations, and recommendations for improvements or changes.

  3. Training and education: This type of consultation provides training and education on a specific topic or skill. This can include hands-on training, webinars, or instructional videos. This type of consultation is often used to teach employees new skills or to familiarize them with new equipment or procedures.

  4. Staying competitive: The business world is constantly changing and evolving, and if you don't keep up with the latest marketing trends, you risk falling behind your competitors. By modernizing your marketing techniques, you can stay ahead of the curve and stand out in your industry.

  5. Reaching new customers: New technologies and platforms are constantly emerging, and these can provide new opportunities to reach and engage with potential customers. By modernizing your marketing techniques, you can tap into these new channels and expand your customer base.

  6. Improving efficiency: Modern marketing techniques often involve using automation and data analysis to streamline your marketing efforts and make them more efficient. By modernizing your marketing techniques, you can save time and resources while still getting the results you need.

  7. Enhancing customer engagement: With the rise of digital marketing and social media, customers have come to expect a more personalized and interactive experience. By modernizing your marketing techniques, you can use data and analytics to better understand your customers and tailor your marketing messages to their specific needs and interests.

  8. Cost-effective: Modern marketing techniques like Inbound marketing and Digital marketing are often more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods such as TV and print ads. This is especially beneficial for small businesses which often have limited resources.

Consultations are charged on an hourly basis of $175 for an individual or $399/hr for a business or organization.



...the process of creating a unique name, design, and image for a product or service in the consumer's mind. It involves the use of various marketing and advertising techniques to create a memorable and recognizable brand identity. A strong brand can increase consumer loyalty, differentiate a company from its competitors, and ultimately increase sales and profitability.

Some major techniques used in branding include:

  1. Developing a unique brand name: Creating a brand name that is memorable and easy to pronounce is crucial. A strong brand name can be a key factor in consumer recognition and loyalty.

  2. Creating a brand logo: A logo is a symbol or design that represents a brand. It should be simple, easily recognizable, and consistent across all marketing materials.

  3. Consistent visual identity: A consistent visual identity across all marketing materials, including packaging, advertising, and website design, helps to create a cohesive brand image and make the brand more recognizable.

  4. Brand messaging: A clear and consistent brand message helps to communicate the brand's values, personality, and differentiators to consumers.

  5. Public relations: Public relations can help to generate positive coverage for a brand in the media and create a favorable perception among consumers.

  6. Sponsorships and partnerships: These can help to align a brand with a particular event or organization and increase consumer awareness.

  7. Digital marketing: With the rise of internet and social media, digital marketing is becoming increasingly important for creating brand awareness and engaging with consumers.

  8. Experience branding : Creating memorable brand experiences for customers through events, pop-up shops, or other tactics can help build a deeper emotional connection with the brand.



  1. Automation: Tech solutions such as automation software can help businesses streamline processes and increase efficiency, allowing them to produce more output with less input. This can help businesses save time and money, and also improve the accuracy of their work.

  2. Data analysis: Tech solutions such as business intelligence and analytics software can help businesses collect and analyze data to gain insights into customer behavior and market trends. This can help businesses make better-informed decisions and improve their targeting of customers.

  3. Marketing and CRM: Tech solutions such as marketing automation tools and customer relationship management (CRM) software can help businesses manage and analyze their customer interactions, which can help improve customer retention and increase sales.

  4. Communication: Tech solutions like cloud-based communication tools like Zoom, Slack, etc. can help businesses stay connected with their employees, partners and customers, regardless of where they are located. This can improve collaboration and productivity, while also reducing costs.

  5. Scalability: Tech solutions can be easily scaled up or down to match the changing needs of the business. This can help businesses save money and resources by not investing in unnecessary infrastructure.

  6. Innovation: Tech solutions can help businesses stay ahead of the competition by providing new and innovative ways to engage with customers and streamline their operations.



Develop your skills: It's important to have a deep understanding of digital marketing strategies and tactics, such as SEO, PPC, social media, email marketing, and content creation. You can gain knowledge by taking courses, reading books, or working in the field.

  1. Define your niche: Identify a specific area of digital marketing where you want to specialize, such as working with small businesses or a particular industry.

  2. Create a business plan: Outline your goals, target market, services, pricing, and projected income and expenses.

  3. Build a portfolio: Create a website and social media presence to showcase your work and services.

  4. Network: Attend industry events, join professional organizations, and reach out to potential clients to build your network and reputation.

  5. Establish your team: As your agency grows, you may need to hire additional staff to handle the workload.

  6. Register your business and obtain necessary licenses and permits.

  7. Get the client: Reach out to potential clients through networking, cold-calling, emailing, or other means to win their business.

  8. Define your goals and objectives: Identify what you want to achieve through your digital presence and set clear, measurable goals and objectives.

  9. Analyze your audience and competition: Understand who your target audience is and what their needs and preferences are, and research your competition to understand what they are doing well and where there are opportunities for improvement.

  10. Develop a content and SEO strategy: Create a plan for producing and distributing high-quality content that will engage your target audience and improve your search engine rankings.

  11. Optimize your website: Ensure that your website is user-friendly, responsive, and optimized for search engines.

  12. Utilize social media: Develop a plan for using social media to engage with your audience and promote your brand.

  13. Invest in digital advertising: Create a plan for using digital advertising to reach your target audience and drive conversions.

  14. Measure and analyze results: Use analytics and other tools to measure the results of your efforts, and use the insights gained to continually improve your strategy.

  15. Continuously improve: Regularly review and update your digital strategy to ensure that it stays current and relevant to your target audience and the digital landscape.

  16. Overall, a digital dominance strategy should be a comprehensive, data-driven plan that focuses on creating a strong online presence, engaging with your target audience, and continuously improving your digital efforts to stay ahead of the competition.


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